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the Crankenstein!


Innobaitive is proud to unleash the Crankenstein, a new category of lure that simply catches big bass.


The Crankenstein combines the fish-like swimming pattern of a crankbait with the versatility and snag resistance of a spinnerbait.  Spinnerbaits are a proven bass lure, but the vibrations they send into the water are shaped like a cone.  The Crankenstein instead produces an oscillating swim pattern like a fish's natural prey.

  • Fish a "crankbait" in places you've never been able to fish a crankbait before.

  • Attract active fish from a large distance, or drop it into heavy cover to entice ambush.

  • Experience violent strikes that are just plain FUN.

Sound like fun? Try one! 

Trophy Case

Showcase the huge fish you caught on the Crankenstein! Want to get featured? Send us your catch!

5 lber.jpg

Than Bogan (Massachusetts)
Lifetime Best 5 lbs

Jesse Brunette (Minnesota)
Lifetime Best 6 lbs

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