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About Us

Bigger fish by design. 

Our goal is to apply innovative engineering to the fishing lure market to help you catch big fish.  We’re not trying to make the same old fishing lure.  We want to make something that you – and the fish – have never seen before. We set out to improve upon existing lures in every aspect:

-strike rate

-initial hookup rate

-retention rate

-snag resistance



-angler safety

Along the way, we’re guided by hydrodynamics, fish biology, and of course mechanical engineering.  But in the end, we let the fish on the end of the hook tell us when we’ve got it right!


Our Story

Coming from decades of cutting edge work in tech, inventor Nathaniel "Than" Bogan took his engineering experience to the water to create a novel bass fishing lure. He fired up his 3D Printer and ran to the local hardware store, and after a few iterations, he knew he was onto something when his prototype was catching giant bass. Since then, Than has continued to tinker and even has some other novel lures that are still in development. 

Meet The Team

Nathaniel "Than" Bogan
Cofounder and Inventor

Anthony Innamorati
Cofounder and CEO

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