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Innobaitive's lures are actually engineered to catch fish. Inventor Than Bogan creates and tests all products himself!


After a trip to the emergency room to remove a crankbait treble hook in the hand, Than began playing around with ideas for a safer crankbait.  In the middle of the night, a new idea struck him: Why couldn't a crankbait be arranged with a "safety pin" style?  This new bait could do for the crankbait what the spinnerbait had done for the inline spinner.

He hacked together a prototype by cutting up off-the-shelf components.  It wasn't very consistent in operation, but it immediately started catching big bass!  On the third day, he pulled the largest bass he'd ever caught from his home lake (at the time!), and it was time to start taking this contraption seriously!

He set about creating custom components to optimize the concept.  Much as the blade of a spinnerbait is a bit different from an inline spinner, the crankbait-like "StrikeTrigger" on the Crankenstein needed some different characteristics than a crankbait.  So he set to work with CAD and a 3D printer and iterated through literally hundreds of designs to create the consistent fish-attracting action of the Crankenstein.

Armed with this more advanced version, 2021 became by far the most successful fishing season of Than's life. From 1995-2019, he caught one bass over 3 pounds from Lake Cochituate.  In 2021, he caught FOURTEEN -- all on Crankensteins. Also in those first 25 years, he caught zero bass over 4 pounds.  In 2021, he caught THREE (obviously all on Crankensteins).  And he tied the largest bass he'd ever caught in his life from any lake.

Other early adopters also experienced success, including a MN angler who caught the biggest bass of his life on his second day fishing the Crankenstein.  

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